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Knights of the Old Code Scroll

Guild Charter

This is our official charter exactly as it was submitted when we applied to create this guild. It is more than just words on a parchment, it is what we are about. Those who call these halls home can hold their heads high knowing that they make a difference in the fight for honor and justice.

Kai Oe`cee is a guild on Zebuxoruk that is based on having fun and adventuring together. The name is short for Knights of the Old Code, where a knight is sworn to valor his heart knows only virtue his blade defends the helpless his might upholds the weak his words speak only truth his wrath undoes the wicked. While we will strive to achieve major feats of accomplishment, our goals shall remain selfless and our membership is not to be consumed by what material things are in it for them. There is zero tolerance for people who put their personal desires above the guilds' and all members are expected to be respectful to others. Your reward for adventuring with us will be good times, good friends, and the satisfaction of accomplishment from attaining goals and helping others to do so. We have a code of honor that all members must abide by and all members will strive to make the guild the best it can be and thereby earn the respect both they and the guild deserve.

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