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Knights of the Old Code Scroll


Rules of Recruiting

  1. Players wishing to join Kai Oe`cee can use any of the following resources:
    1. Use the online application located on the website.
    2. Seek out any officer in game.
  2. Requirements to join:
    1. Read our charter and make sure you agree with what it says.
    2. Read our Code of Honor and agree to abide by it at all times if you are inguilded.
    3. Read Raid Policy and agree to abide by it.

Heirarchy of the guild

  1. Guild Leader (Inego)
    1. Makes decisions/rulings using input from the officers of the guild to assist him.
    2. Will keep the whole of the guild in mind when reaching any conclusions.
  2. Class Officers of lvls 51+, broken down into three categories.
    1. Captain of the Guard (Geffron)
      • Commands all melee classes (Brd, Bst, Ber, Mnk, Pal, Rng, Rog, SK, and War)
    2. Master of Mending (Flatsie)
      • Commands all priest classes (Clr, Dru, Shm)
    3. Master of Sorcery (Qenan)
      • Commands all pure caster classes (Enc, Mag, Nec, Wiz)
  3. Knight Captain(s) (Fizzee)
    • Lead and guide all members lvl 51 and below.
  4. Members will be designated in public note of guild window by titles based on lvl.
    1. Lvl 65-70: Knight Crusader
    2. Lvl 51-64: Knight
    3. Lvl 31-50: Cavalier
    4. Lvl 1-30: Squire
    5. Alts will be listed as Soandso's alt.


  1. MUST be taken to tells immediately, not in guildchat.
  2. If the members involved can't reach an understanding they must get an Officer(s) involved.
    1. The Officer(s) will be fair and creative in discipline and will use their best discretion and do everything possible to resolve this dispute.
    2. All parties are considered without value placed on rank during the handling of disputes.
    3. If the Officer(s) feels that the dispute cannot be resolved at this level, he or she may recommend it to the GL for a final decision to be made.
    4. If the GL is called upon to make a final decision, it will be accepted by all parties.


Members of the guild are encouraged to join the forum and gallery. If you choose to do so, register with your character name as your username and email Fizzee AT kaioecee DOT com to let her know you are a member of the guild. After confirmation, you will be granted access to the Guild forums member area.

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