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2004-03-16 Allakhazam http://everquest.allakhazam.com Loads of EQ lore about spells/items/quests etc. Fizzee
2004-03-16 EQ Live http://eqlive.station.sony.com The latest news on what's happening EQ wise. Fizzee
2004-03-16 EQ Atlas http://www.eqatlas.com The number 1 source for all your mapping needs, be it ingame or pretty pics! Fizzee
2004-03-16 Caster's Realm http://eq.crgaming.com In my opinion this is the best site for spell information/resources. Fizzee
2004-03-16 Tinkering Compendium http://www.tinkering.org The home of the gnomes! Beware all who enter here.. you may have your ankles bitten off. Fizzee
2004-03-16 EQ Traders http://www.eqtraders.com Your number 1 source for all things tradeskilling! Fizzee
2004-03-16 EQ Beastlord http://www.eqbeastlord.com/portal/ All things beastlord. Jendai
2004-04-22 EQ Links http://www.eqlinks.com/ Your one stop site for links. Liukain
2004-07-07 Paladin's handbook http://www.redmaces.org/paladin/index.htm A nice site for Paladin info Ralbien
2004-07-15 What time is it? http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/timer.pl Confused with time conversion? When in doubt, check the time conversion here. (Link provided by Jendai) Peony
2004-07-24 Time And Date http://www.timeanddate.com Calculate the time across all time zones, display mutually agreeable meeting times, all sorts! It's wonderful. Fizzee
2004-09-15 EQ Interface http://www.eqinterface.com/ Great source for customizing your UI. Lots of authors compile UI's here for anyone to use. Everything from complete UI's to ala carte. Liukain
2004-11-23 Stats & Player History http://daemon.avernus.net/zebuxoruk/index.html Search guilds, players, even gm's and guides. Fizzee
2005-02-15 Mapfiend http://eq.mapfiend.net/packdl.php Mapfiend at EQ-Toolbox is a great source for in game maps. Save the files to your computer (scan for viruses if paranoid) and then extract them into your Everquest Map folder. Liukain
2005-09-07 Zebuxoruk Player and Guild History Project http://zebuxoruk.stephans.org/ The new location for the Zebuxoruk player and guild search database originally posted by Fizzee. Liukain
2005-09-21 DoN merchant items http://plurpage.com/everquest/don.php Search engine for finding DoN items. Liukain

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