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Raid Procedure

  1. A time and place to meet will be set in advance. It is imperative that you be at that place at the right time.
    • If you are not on time you will either be holding the raid up or be left out
    • Allow yourself enough time to get to the meeting spot, if need be get there the night before and camp out in a safe spot in the area
  2. When you arrive, disband any group you're in and turn on LFG.
    • The raid leader will assign groups from those LFG
    • Be patient! Everyone will be placed in a group
    • For bigger raids a secondary raid leader will be appointed to aid the raid leader in setup and to take over command should the raid leader become unable to continue (as in taking the dirt nap)
  3. You will refrain from doing emotes and from casting spells.
    • There will be a set time for buffing after groups are formed
  4. The only form of communication will be tells or in groupsay while groups are forming (exception being if we are attacked and then you will communicate via raid channel).
    • You will refrain from directly asking any questions of the raid leader, direct any questions through your group leader once you have one
  5. Actual battle related communication will be done over private channels set up by the raid leader.
    • We will have at least two channels set up, one for group leaders and another for all to use during battle
    • Again, if you need to discuss something with someone do it in tells or you may set up your own private chat channel (but make sure NOT to miss any raid talk such as movement or battle)
  6. The raid leader will tell the group leaders what he wants them to do (either individually or collectively) and it is up to the group leaders to execute the plan to the best of their groups ability.
    • Raid leader will make adjustments as needed during battle so group leaders make sure to pay attention to private group leader channel
  7. You must at all times approach the raid in a serious, professional manner.
    • Casual players CAN do raids, but they can NOT play casually during them
    • Going afk for long periods, talking on the phone while playing, or even just looking away from your screen and watching TV for a minute or two, are unacceptable
    • The raid leader will let the raid know when they can take a short break whenever possible (for bathroom, drink, etc)
    • You must respect the chain of command, and you must devote yourself entirely to the greater goals of the raid, rather than your own personal goals
    • Of course real life emergency is still more important than EQ but if it is just a matter of taking a smoke break or getting a drink wait til the next break if at all possible
  8. The typical raid will have a Main Tank (or main assist)
    • If the raid has a main assist make a hotkey that says /assist soandso (soandso being the actual name of the main assist person set by the raid leader).
    • If there is a secondary assist on the raid only that persons group will assist them on multiple pulls, everyone else will still assist the MT
  9. The raid leader will decide beforehand how looting will be done.
    • The most common types will be master loot or group loot
    • ONLY people designated to loot will loot during a raid
    • Loot will be distributed at the end of the raid or possibly during breaks
    • No drop items will be rolled on and looted on the spot based on our NBG (need before greed) philosophy
  10. The raid leader will do their best to arrange corpse recoveries for people who die, and will always attempt to provide the best resurrections available, but this is by no means guaranteed.
    • Drek happens, but it is an unfortunate part of the game and cannot be avoided
  11. All people on the raid are expected to stay with their groups and to follow directions given by their group leaders and the raid leader.
  12. The raid leader will make every effort to insure that your group gets experience and loot when possible but many raids will not be for experience.
    • This is as stated in our Code of Honor and our charter reflects our selflesness in helping each other
  13. It is everyone's job to insure the Main Tank retains the agro.
    • Everybody is to use their assist key to insure we are all attacking the same mob during a raid
  14. Melee types should ONLY use taunt when you are the main assist.
    • If you find yourself getting hate when you're not the main assist, stop attacking and back off slowly until the mob has been back on the MT for a few seconds (monks use FD, and rogues use evade)
    • Only the main assist will break mezzes (using the taunt three times first method)
    • If you are a hybrid spread your spell casting out to avoid drawing undo agro
  15. Be aware of rogues on the raid and allow them room to do their damage from the rear.
  16. DOT's should be used sparingly
    • First of all it is impossible for a chanter to keep a dotted mob mezzed (always make sure if you do cast a dot that you are on the same target as the MT)
    • Second of all it draws a lot of agro so don't expect to cast another spell for a while if you do cast a dot
  17. Many raids will have specific people doing each debuff and that may be the only spell they cast in each fight.
    • Your raid leader will let you know during setup who will be debuffing and if you do cast multiple spells and find yourself drawing agro let your group leader know so they can relay the info
  18. Never EVER chain cast spells (the exception being heals but even chain casting heals will be avoided unless absolutely necessary).
    • This means DD's, DoT's, debuffs (I doubt you will cast more than 2 spells at most during most raid battles)
  19. se belly casting technic so that if you do get agro the MT can get it off of you quickly without having to chase it around the area.
  20. Casters WAIT several seconds after you cast before sitting back down to meditate.
    • If you still draw agro when you med then stand back up and wait til end of fight to meditate
  21. Know when to use your abilities and when not to.
    • You are part of a team, and not every ability or spell is appropriate in all or even most situations

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