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Knights of the Old Code Scroll

Code of Honour

A Knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue, his blade defends the helpless,
his might upholds the weak, his word speaks only truth, his wrath undoes the wicked.

  1. Read, understand, and comply with Play Nice Rules set forth by SOE.
  2. Anonymous is not to be used unless instructed to do so by an officer of the guild. *Roleplay command is acceptable to be anonymous yet still show guild tag.
  3. Offer tip/donation for services received (reasonable amount that you can afford). Do not beg for buffs/ports, accept refusal graciously.
  4. No charging set prices for spells that require only mana (if you are auctioning, offer your spells stating donations are graciously accepted but not required). Accept tips/donations that are offered if you wish. Obviously you should charge for regents.
  5. Assist all guild members if reasonably possible, you may need the same help someday.
  6. We are formed on the basis of togetherness and wish to maintain a "family" feel so grouping with other guild members is encouraged but never feel obligated to do so.
  7. Keep guild chat under control, fun not vulgar.
  8. Guild functions are typically for fun, helping a fellow guildie get an item, or researching the unkown. They may not often be for leveling (raids aren't for leveling).
  9. Be generous and giving of your wisdom, both to fellow guild members and the people you cross paths with in your travels.
  10. You represent not only yourself but also the guild, don't do anything to soil your name or ours.

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